Maria/ 17/ N.J/ Senior


pros of turning 18: can legally do the stuff i already do
cons of turning 18: no longer the dancing queen

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pie eating contest?
nah son free pie

things white ppl say in movies

  • girl: what are you doing?
  • boy: something i should have done a long time ago

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we all have a favorite eyebrow

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straight boys are weak and pathetic, queer girls walk into the ladies changing room and see ten women naked, do they stare? do they say something inappropriate? do they make them uncomfortable? no because they have the common fucking sense to recognise when a situation is sexual and that people deserve the most basic level of respect to not be harassed, yet here we are banning shorts and low cut tops in school because straight boys are weak and pathetic

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*prays that I instantly become hot at 18*

*ok let’s shoot for 21*

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